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Human rights are not yet protecting every individual living in Finland. As a member of The Finnish League for Human Rights you support human rights work in Finland to bring about a society in which every person’s human rights are protected and fulfilled.

You can join easily by filling in the form below.

The membership payment for the year 2021 is 40 € for persons in paid employment and 15 € for others.

Why join The Finnish League for Human Rights?

Your membership enables long-term human rights work. Human rights are not automatically respected and applied. They need to be defended and promoted every day.

We influence the authorities to comply with the requirements of human rights. We train and campaign against discrimination.

We remind decision-makers that these fundamental and human rights must never be bypassed – not even during tougher economic times.

What do I get as a member?

As a member, you can participate in members’ events, you will regularly receive information about our current human rights work. By joining The Finnish League for Human Rights, you will help us to advocate for human rights and against the growth of hatred and inequality.

You can join easily by filling in the form above. After receiving your information, we will send you a letter with detailed instructions for the payment.

The Finnish League for Human Rights (FLHR) is a general human rights organisation that monitors the overall human rights situation in Finland. We defend fundamental and human rights, demand their fulfilment, and bring to light human rights violations in Finland. Our work is based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, international human rights instruments and the fundamental rights guaranteed under the Finnish Constitution. Our core principle is that human rights belong to everyone.

For more information on membership and the activities of The FLHR, email  info@ihmisoikeusliitto.fi. You can check out our current activities here on our website or at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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