The Finnish League for Human Rights (FLHR) is a religiously and politically independent general human rights organisation. Our principal objective is to monitor the human rights situation in Finland. We raise awareness on human rights situation and promote the fulfilment of rights. The FLHR is a rights-based expert organisation basing its work on the Finnish constitution and other relevant national legislation and international human rights instruments. It was founded in 1979 and pursues the work of the League for Human Rights, established in 1935.

The FLHR is a member of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and a founding member of the European Association for the Defence of Human Rights (AEDH).

The Finnish League for Human Rights

  • conducts research, produces publications and disseminates information
  • provides training and consulting
  • introduces proposals and gives statements to authorities and ministries
  • cooperates with other organizations and participates in a number of governmental and non-governmental working groups
  • informs its members, the general public, media and the authorities on human rights issues and
  • undertakes wide variety of other activies in line with its mission.

Work against female genital mutilation

KokoNainen / The Whole Woman aim to ensure that no girls living in Finland will be circumcised, here or elsewhere. Female genital cutting (FGC) or female genital mutilation (FGM) continues to be a sensitive issue. Both immigrants adhering to the tradition and Finnish authorities require more information, guidance and better tools to address the issue constructively. The work to stop female genital cutting is based on Finnish legislation and international human rights standards. The focus lies on preventive work.

The Whole Woman also aims to prevent other human rights violations caused by harmful traditional practices such as honour-related violence. Focusing on preventive work, it offers information, advice and training. The project works closely with various migrant organisations.

More about female genital mutilation in English.

Brochure on hate crimes

A brochure on hate crimes is available in 11 languages. The Finnish League for Human Rights, in cooperation with RIKU Victim Support Finland and the Ministry of the Interior, has translated a brochure on hate crimes into 11 different languages: Arabic, Dari, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, Kurdish, Northern Sami, Russian, Somali and Swedish.

The brochure aims at encouraging hate crime victims or witnesses to report the offences to the police. Only this way the police will be able to investigate, the victim can get justice and the perpetrator will face the consequences of their actions.

Download the brochures “Was it a hate crime?” here.

Our board of directors

The work of the FLHR is led by the Board of Directors, elected annually by the members of FLHR. The FLHR receives funding from the Finnish government to cover part of its expenses. Its activities are also supported by institutions, foundations and organisations such as the European Union and the Finnish Gaming Company (Veikkaus). Membership fees and donations also compose a significant proportion of FLHR’s funding. The organisation has over 1000 members.

Contact information

The Finnish League for Human Rights

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Tel: +358 9 4155 2500

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